Use of Advertising and Facilitators in Adoptive Placements - Vermont

Date: July 2020

Use of Advertisement

This issue is not addressed in the statutes reviewed.

Use of Intermediaries/Facilitators

Citation: Ann. Stat. Tit. 15A, §§ 2-102(a)-(d); 2-105(c); 7-105(a)

A parent or guardian authorized to place a minor for adoption may place the minor only with a prospective adoptive parent who has a valid favorable preplacement evaluation or for whom a preplacement evaluation is not required. The parent or guardian shall personally select a prospective adoptive parent.

A parent or guardian may be assisted by another person in locating a prospective adoptive parent. A prospective adoptive parent may be assisted by another person in locating a minor who is available for adoption.

Vermont recognizes that there may be a certified placement intermediary involved in the adoption process. The Department for Children and Families shall prescribe forms designed to obtain specific information about the minor and the minor's family and shall provide these forms to any agency, attorney, or certified placement intermediary.

Except as otherwise provided, a person may not pay or give, or offer to pay or give, to any other person or request, receive, or accept any money or anything of value, directly or indirectly, for any of the following:

  • The placement of a minor for adoption
  • The consent of a parent, a guardian, or an agency to the adoption of a minor
  • The relinquishment of a minor to an agency for the purpose of adoption
  • The recruitment of nonresident pregnant women to locate in this State for the purpose of relinquishing the child for adoption