Use of Advertising and Facilitators in Adoptive Placements - Oklahoma

Date: July 2020

Use of Advertisement

Citation: Ann. Stat. Tit. 21, § 866(A)(1)(g)-(h)

The 'crime of trafficking in children' includes the following:

  • Advertising of services for compensation to assist with the placement of a child for adoption by any person or organization, except by the Department of Human Services or a licensed child-placing agency
  • Advertisements for and solicitation of a woman who is pregnant to induce her to place her child upon birth for adoption, except by a licensed child-placing agency or an attorney

Nothing in this section shall prohibit an attorney from the advertisement of legal services related to the adoption of children. Nothing in this section shall prohibit a person from advertising to solicit a pregnant woman to consider adoptive placement with the person or to locate a child for an adoptive placement into the person's own home, provided that such person has received a favorable preplacement home study recommendation in accordance with § 7505-5.1 of title 10, and that no money or other thing of value is offered as an inducement to the adoption.

Use of Intermediaries/Facilitators

Citation: Ann. Stat. Tit. 21, § 866(A)(1)(a)-(c)

The 'crime of trafficking in children' includes the following:

  • The acceptance, solicitation, offer, payment, or transfer of any compensation, in money, property, or other thing of value, at any time, by any person in connection with the adoption of a minor child, except as ordered by the court or as provided by law
  • The acceptance or solicitation of any compensation by any person or organization for services performed, rendered, or purported to be performed to facilitate or assist in the adoption of a minor child, except by the department, a licensed child-placing agency, or an attorney
  • Bringing or causing to be brought into the State any child for the purpose of placing such child for adoption and thereafter refusing to comply upon request with the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC)

The ICPC does not apply to the parent or guardian of the child nor to a person bringing the child into the State for adopting the child into such person's own family.