Penalties for Failure to Report and False Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect - Idaho

Date: February 2019

Failure to Report

Citation: Ann. Code § 16-1605(4)

Failure to report as required by the reporting laws shall be a misdemeanor.

False Reporting

Citation: Ann. Code § 16-1607

Any person who makes a report or allegation of child abuse, abandonment, or neglect knowing the report is false, or who reports or alleges the same in bad faith or with malice, shall be liable to the party or parties against whom the report was made for the amount of actual damages sustained or statutory damages of $2,500, whichever is greater, plus attorney's fees and costs of suit.

If the court finds that the defendant acted with malice or oppression, the court may award treble actual damages or treble statutory damages, whichever is greater.