Links to State and Tribal Child Welfare Law and Policy - Florida



Website for Statutes:


  • Adoption: title VI, chapter 63
  • Child protection: title V, chapter 39 (parts I through III)
  • Child welfare: title V, chapter 39 (parts IV through XII); title XXX, chapter 409 (part V)
  • Guardianship: title V, chapter 39 (part VIII, §§ 39.6221; 39.6225)
  • Youth services: title V, chapter 39 (part VIII, § 39.6251); title XXX, chapter 409 (part I, § 409.1451)
  • Indian child welfare: § 61.505


Website for Administrative Code: 


See division number 65C.

Website for Agency Policies: 

Other Resources

Florida Rules of Court 

available online: Seminole Tribe of Florida, Tribal court codes