Episode 51: Title IV-E Prevention Plan Implementation Updates, Part 2

Date: January 2020

Length: 35:46

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Transcript:   cwig_podcast_transcript_episode_51.pdf   [PDF, 140 KB]

To help States and jurisdictions develop their Title IV-E prevention plans in alignment of the Family First Prevention Services Act (Family First), the Children’s Bureau (CB) hosted a webinar to share the experiences and lessons learned from two jurisdictions whose prevention plans had been completed and approved by CB. The webinar also offered guidance and tips for jurisdictions to consider and answered questions plan developers had submitted to CB.

This episode shares the second half of the webinar where CB shared tips to aid prevention plan developers as they shape their plans to align with Family First. Child welfare leaders from Washington, DC and Utah also answer questions submitted during the webinar by participants.

The Children's Bureau provides tips that address these prevention planning topics:

  • Service selection
  • Ensuring child safety
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation
  • Systematic review process
  • Title IV-E Clearinghouse

In "Family First – Title IV-E Prevention Plan Implementation Updates, Part 1," child welfare leaders from Washington, DC and Utah share their diverse approaches to developing their plans. Listen to the lessons each jurisdiction learned and applied when creating their plans and learn about the partnerships they leveraged to make choices that best suited the specific needs of their communities.

The following CB staff members are featured in this episode:

  • Dori Sneddon, child welfare program specialist
  • Cara Kelly, child welfare program specialist
  • Tina Naugler, regional program director
  • Jerry Milner, associate commissioner
  • Elaine Stedt, director, Children’s Bureau’s Office on Child Abuse and Neglect
  • David Kelly, special assistant to the associate commissioner

Others featured in this episode: