Episode 11: Supporting Kinship Caregivers, Part 1

Date: May 2017

Kinship care is the most preferred resource for children who must be removed from their birth parents because it maintains family connections. Approximately one-fourth of children in out-of-home care live with relatives. There are many services and resources kinship caregivers are eligible for, but many caregivers are not aware of or lack access to those services.

This podcast, 'Supporting Kinship Caregivers, Part 1', is the first of a two-part series showcasing successful examples of kinship navigator programs connecting kinship families with available services.

This episode highlights the 211-iFoster Kinship Navigator Collaborative, a partnership between iFoster, 211 California, and the United Ways of California. It features interviews with the following individuals:

Listen to the discussion and learn about the following:

  • How the project identified informal caregivers
  • How caregivers and child welfare professionals used the project’s online portal
  • Findings from the project’s evaluation
  • Caregivers' openness to accessing a self-serve collection of resources

The podcast also includes tips and must-haves to guide agencies and communities interested in increasing awareness of and access to the resources kinship families may be eligible for.

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