Who May Adopt, Be Adopted, or Place a Child for Adoption - Rhode Island

Date: January 2020

Who May Adopt

Citation: Gen. Laws § 15-7-4

The following persons may adopt:

  • Any adult resident
  • A nonresident who adopts a child in the care and custody of a child-placing agency

A husband and wife must petition jointly.

Who May Be Adopted

Citation: Gen. Laws § 15-7-4

The following persons may be adopted:

  • Any person younger than the adopter and under age 18
  • Persons over age 18 whose adoptions are granted by the probate court

Who May Place a Child for Adoption

Citation: Gen. Laws § 15-7-2

Placements may be made in the following manner:

  • A parent may place his or her child directly with a father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparent, or stepparent of the child.
  • When a parent places the child with any other person, the parent must notify the Department of Children, Youth and Families within 15 days.
  • The court shall determine whether the placement is in the best interests of the child or is contrary to law. The court may approve the placement, return the child to his or her parent, or place the child with the department or a child-placing agency.