Use of Advertising and Facilitators in Adoptive Placements - Kentucky

Date: July 2020

Use of Advertisement

Citation: Rev. Stat. § 199.590(1)

A person, corporation, or association shall not advertise in any manner that it will receive children for the purpose of adoption. A newspaper published, prepared, sold, or distributed in the Commonwealth of Kentucky shall not contain an advertisement that solicits children for adoption or solicits the custody of children.

Use of Intermediaries/Facilitators

Citation: Rev. Stat. § 199.590(3), (5)

No person, association, or organization, other than the Cabinet for Health and Family Services or a child-placing institution or agency, shall place a child or act as intermediary in the placement of a child for adoption or otherwise, except in the home of a stepparent, grandparent, sister, brother, aunt, or uncle, or upon written approval of the secretary.

A person, organization, group, agency, or any legal entity, except a child-placing agency, shall not accept any fee for bringing the adoptive parents together with the child to be adopted or the birth parents of the child to be adopted. This section shall not interfere with the legitimate practice of law by an attorney.