Use of Advertising and Facilitators in Adoptive Placements - Illinois

Date: July 2020

Use of Advertisement

Citation: Cons. Stat. Ch. 225, § 10/12

The term 'advertise' means communication by any public medium originating or distributed in this State, including, but not limited to, newspapers, periodicals, telephone book listings, outdoor advertising signs, radio, or television.

A child care facility or child welfare agency licensed or operating under a permit issued by the Department of Children and Family Services may publish advertisements for the services that the facility is specifically licensed or issued a permit to provide. A person, group of persons, agency, association, organization, corporation, institution, center, or group that advertises or publishes any advertisement offering, soliciting, or promising to perform adoption services is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be subject to a fine, unless they are any of the following:

  • Licensed or operating under a permit issued by the department as a child care facility or child welfare agency
  • A birth parent or a prospective adoptive parent acting on his or her own behalf
  • A licensed attorney advertising his or her availability to provide legal services relating to adoption, as permitted by law

Use of Intermediaries/Facilitators

Citation: Cons. Stat. Ch. 720, § 5/12C-70

No person or agency, association, corporation, institution, society, or other organization except a child welfare agency shall request, receive, or accept any compensation or thing of value, directly or indirectly, for providing adoption services as defined in chapter 225, § 10/2.24.