Unregulated Custody Transfers of Adopted Children - Kansas

Date: August 2022


Citation: Ann. Stat. § 38-2202

The term 'abandon' or 'abandonment' means to forsake, desert or, without making appropriate provision for substitute care, cease providing care for the child.

The term 'child in need of care' refers to a person younger than age 18 who has been placed for care or adoption in violation of law.

Prohibited or Required Actions Regarding Custody

Citation: Ann. Stat. § 59-2123

Any person who advertises that they will provide adoption-related services or adopt, find an adoptive home for a child, or otherwise place a child for adoption shall state in such advertisement whether or not they are licensed and if licensed, under what authority such license is issued and in what profession.

No person shall offer to adopt, find a home for, or otherwise place a child as an inducement to any parent, guardian, or custodian of a child to place that child in that person's home, institution, or establishment.


Citation: Ann. Stat. § 59-2123

The provision regarding advertising for adoption shall not apply to the Kansas Department for Children and Families or to an individual seeking to adopt a child.


Citation: Ann. Stat. § 59-2123

Any person who violates the provisions of this section shall be guilty of an unclassified misdemeanor and shall be fined no more than $1,000 for each violation.