Unregulated Custody Transfers of Adopted Children - Connecticut

Date: August 2022


This issue is not addressed in the statutes reviewed.

Prohibited or Required Actions Regarding Custody

Citation: Ann. Stat. § 45a-727

An application for the adoption of a minor child not related to the adoptive parents shall not be accepted by the probate court, unless any of the following apply:

  • The child sought to be adopted has been placed for adoption by the Commissioner of Children and Families or a child-placing agency, and the placement has been approved by the commissioner or agency.
  • The placement requirements of this section have been waived by the Adoption Review Board as provided in § 45a-764.
  • The application is for adoption of a minor child by a stepparent as provided in § 45a-733.
  • The application is for adoption of a child by another person who shares parental responsibility for the child with the parent as provided in § 45a-724(a)(3).


This issue is not addressed in the statutes reviewed.


Citation: Ann. Stat. §§ 45a-727; 45a-729

The commissioner or a child-placing agency may place for adoption a child who has been identified or located by a prospective parent, provided any such placement shall be made in accordance with regulations promulgated by the commissioner pursuant to § 45a-728. If any such placement is not made in accordance with those regulations, the adoption application shall not be approved by the probate court.

Any person who places a child for adoption in violation of § 45a-727 or 45a-764 or assists in such a placement shall be guilty of a class D felony.