State Recognition of Intercountry Adoptions Finalized Abroad - Vermont

Date: April 2018

Effect and Recognition of a Foreign Adoption Decree

Citation: Ann. Stat. Tit. 15A § 1-108

A decree or order of adoption entered by a court or administrative entity in another country acting pursuant to that country's law or to any convention or treaty on intercountry adoption that the United States has ratified has the same effect as a decree or order of adoption issued by a court of this State. The rights and obligations of the parties as to matters within the jurisdiction of this State shall be determined as though the decree or order were issued by a court of this State.

Readoption After an Intercountry Adoption

This issue is not addressed in the statutes reviewed.

Application for a U.S. Birth Certificate

Citation: Ann. Stat. Tit. 15A, § 3-802; Tit. 18, § 5078a

Effective July 1, 2018: Upon receipt of a report of adoption prepared in accordance with the law of another State or country or a certified copy of a decree of adoption together with information necessary to identify the adoptee's original birth certificate and to issue a new certificate, the State registrar shall create and register a 'certificate of live birth for a foreign-born child' upon request and furnish a certified copy of the certificate to the adoptive parent and to an adoptee who is age 14 or older.

The certificate of birth for a foreign-born child shall:

  • Be signed by the State registrar
  • Include the date, time, and place of birth of the adoptee
  • Substitute the name of the adoptive parent for the name of the person listed as the adoptee's parent on the original birth certificate
  • Contain any other information prescribed by the State registrar

The State registrar shall establish a certificate birth for a foreign-born child when he or she receives a written request and a record of adoption issued under 15A V.S.A. § 3-801(a) from the adoptee if he or she is age 14 or older or from the adoptive parent of an adoptee younger than age 14. The certificate shall include the following:

  • The true or probable foreign country of birth and true or probable date of birth
  • The adoptive parents as though they were natural parents
  • A notation that it was issued by authority of this chapter
  • A statement that the certificate is not evidence of U.S. citizenship
  • Any other information the State registrar may prescribe