State Recognition of Intercountry Adoptions Finalized Abroad - Utah

Date: April 2018

Effect and Recognition of a Foreign Adoption Decree

Citation: Ann. Code § 78B-6-142

Except as otherwise provided by Federal law, an adoption order rendered to a resident of this State that is made by a foreign country shall be recognized by the courts of this State and enforced as if the order were rendered by a court in this State.

Readoption After an Intercountry Adoption

Citation: Ann. Code § 78B-6-142

A person who adopts a child in a foreign country may register the order in this State. A petition for registration of a foreign adoption order may be combined with a petition for a name change. If the court finds that the foreign adoption order meets requirements, the court shall order the State registrar to:

  • File the order pursuant to § 78B-6-137
  • File a certificate of birth for the child pursuant to § 26-2-28

If a clerk of the court is unable to establish the fact, time, and place of birth from the documentation provided, a person holding a direct, tangible, and legitimate interest, as described in § 26-2-22(2)(a) or (b), may petition for a court order establishing the fact, time, and place of a birth, pursuant to § 26-2-15(1).

Application for a U.S. Birth Certificate

Citation: Ann. Code § 26-2-28

Upon presentation of a court order of adoption and an order establishing the fact, time, and place of birth under § 26-2-15, the Department of Health shall prepare a birth certificate for any person who:

  • Was adopted under the laws of this State
  • Was at the time of adoption considered an alien child for whom the court received documentary evidence of legal residence under § 78B-6-108