Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect - Virgin Islands

Date: May 2023

Professionals Required to Report
Citation: Ann. Code Tit. 5, § 2533

The following professionals are required to report: 

  • Physicians, hospital personnel, nurses, dentists, or any other medical or behavioral health professionals 
  • Teachers or other school personnel, social service workers, daycare workers, or other child care or foster care workers 
  • Peace officers or law enforcement officials 

Training Requirements for Mandatory Reporters

Citation: Ann. Code Tit. 5, § 2541

Within available funding and as appropriate, the Department of Social Welfare shall conduct a public education program in order to encourage maximum reporting of alleged child abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. To the extent possible, such education programs shall include information on the extent and nature of the problem, the duties and responsibilities of persons required to report, and the duties and functions of the department.

Reporting by Other Persons
Citation: Ann. Code Tit. 5, § 2533

Any other person who has reasonable cause to suspect that a child has been abused or neglected may report. 

Institutional Responsibility to Report
Citation: Ann. Code Tit. 5, § 2533 

Whenever any person is required to report in their capacity as a member of the staff of a medical or other public or private institution, school, facility, or agency, they shall immediately notify the person in charge of such institution, school, facility, or agency, or their designated agent, who then also shall become responsible to report or cause reports to be made. Nothing in this subchapter is intended to require more than one report from any such institution, school, or agency, but neither is it intended to prevent individuals from reporting on their own behalf. 

Standards for Making a Report
Citation: Ann. Code Tit. 5, § 2533

A report is required when any of the following apply:

  • A reporter has reasonable cause to suspect that a child has been subjected to abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect. 
  • A reporter observes the child being subjected to conditions or circumstances that would reasonably result in abuse or neglect.

Privileged Communications
Citation: Ann. Code Tit. 5, § 2538

The privileged quality of communications between spouses and between any professional person and their patient or client, except that between attorney and client, shall not constitute grounds for failure to report. 

Inclusion of the Reporter's Name in the Report
Citation: Ann. Code Tit. 5, § 2534

The report shall include the name, address, and occupation of the reporter. 

Disclosure of the Reporter's Identity

This issue is not addressed in the statutes reviewed.