Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect - Vermont

Date: May 2023

Professionals Required to Report
Citation: Ann. Stat. Tit. 33, § 4913

Mandatory reporters include the following:

  • Health-care providers, including physicians, surgeons, osteopaths, chiropractors, physician assistants, resident physicians, interns, hospital administrators, nurses, medical examiners, emergency medical personnel, dentists, psychologists, and pharmacists
  • Individuals who are employed or contracted and paid by a school district or an approved or recognized independent school, including school superintendents, headmasters, teachers, student teachers, school librarians, school principals, and school guidance counselors
  • Child care workers
  • Mental health professionals and social workers
  • Police officers and probation officers
  • Employees, contractors, and grantees of the Agency of Human Services who have contact with clients
  • Camp owners, camp administrators, and camp counselors
  • Members of the clergy
  • Employees of the Office of the Child, Youth, and Family Advocate 

Training Requirements for Mandatory Reporters

Training for mandatory reporters is not addressed in the laws, policies, and online resources reviewed.

Reporting by Other Persons
Citation: Ann. Stat. Tit. 33, § 4913

Any other concerned person who has reasonable cause to believe that a child has been abused or neglected may report. 

Institutional Responsibility to Report
Citation: Ann. Stat. Tit. 33, § 4913

An employer or supervisor shall not discharge; demote; transfer; reduce pay, benefits, or work privileges; prepare a negative work performance evaluation; or take any other action detrimental to any employee because that employee filed a good-faith report in accordance with the provisions of this subchapter. Any person making a report under this subchapter shall have a civil cause of action for appropriate compensatory and punitive damages against any person who causes detrimental changes in the employment status of the reporting party by reason of their making a report. 

Standards for Making a Report
Citation: Ann. Stat. Tit. 33, § 4913

A report is required when a mandated reporter reasonably suspects the abuse or neglect of a child. 

Privileged Communications
Citation: Ann. Stat. Tit. 33, § 4913

A person may not refuse to make a report required by this section on the grounds that making the report would violate a privilege or disclose a confidential communication. 

A member of the clergy shall not be required to make a report under this section if the report would be based upon information revealed in a communication that is as follows: 

  • Made to a member of the clergy acting in their capacity as spiritual advisor
  • Intended by the parties to be confidential at the time the communication is made
  • Intended by the communicant to be an act of contrition or a matter of conscience 
  • Required to be confidential by religious law, doctrine, or tenet

When a member of the clergy receives information about abuse or neglect of a child in a manner other than as described, they are required to report based on that information, even though they may have also received a report of abuse or neglect about the same person or incident as part of a confidential communication.

Inclusion of the Reporter's Name in the Report
Citation: Ann. Stat. Tit. 33, § 4914

Reports shall contain the name and address or other contact information of the reporter. 

Disclosure of the Reporter's Identity
Citation: Ann. Stat. Tit. 33, § 4913

The name of and any identifying information about either the person making the report or any person mentioned in the report shall be confidential unless any of the following apply:

  • The person making the report specifically allows disclosure.
  • A Human Services Board proceeding or judicial proceeding results from the report. 
  • A court, after a hearing, finds probable cause to believe that the report was not made in good faith and orders the department to make the name of the reporter available.
  • A review has been requested pursuant to § 4916a of this title, and the department has determined that identifying information can be provided without compromising the safety of the reporter or the persons mentioned in the report.