Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect - Arizona

Date: May 2023

Professionals Required to Report
Citation: Rev. Stat. § 13-3620

The following persons are required to report:

  • Physicians, physician's assistants, optometrists, dentists, osteopathic physicians, behavioral health professionals, nurses, psychologists, counselors, or social workers
  • Peace officers, child welfare investigators, or child protective services workers
  • Members of the clergy, priests, or Christian Science practitioners 
  • Parents, stepparents, or guardians 
  • School personnel, domestic violence victim advocates, or sexual assault victim advocates 
  • Any other person who has responsibility for the care or treatment of minors

Training Requirements for Mandatory Reporters

Training for mandatory reporters is not addressed in the laws and policies reviewed.

Resources for training are offered by the Department of Child Safety at Mandated Reporter Overview Training. The training materials include videos and workbooks designed to inform educators and faith leaders about their roles as mandated reporters, when and when not to report child abuse and neglect, and an overview of the reporting process.

Reporting by Other Persons
Citation: Rev. Stat. § 13-3620

Any other person may report when they reasonably believe that a minor is a victim of abuse or neglect. 

Institutional Responsibility to Report
Citation: Rev. Stat. § 13-3620

Any person who is employed as the immediate or next-higher level supervisor to or administrator of a health-care provider, peace officer, child welfare investigator, child safety worker, member of the clergy, Christian Science practitioner, school personnel, domestic violence victim advocates, sexual assault victim advocate, or any other person who has responsibility for the care or treatment of the minor and who develops the reasonable belief in the course of the supervisor's or administrator's employment is required to report unless the supervisor or administrator reasonably believes that the report has been made by a person who is required to report.

Standards for Making a Report
Citation: Rev. Stat. § 13-3620

A report is required when a person reasonably believes that a minor is or has been the victim of physical injury, abuse, child abuse, a reportable offense, or neglect that appears to have been inflicted on the minor by other than accidental means or that is not explained by the available medical history as being accidental in nature.

A 'reportable offense' means any of the following:

  • Any offense listed in chapters 14 and 35.1 of this title or § 13-3506.01
  • Surreptitious photographing, videotaping, filming, or digitally recording or viewing a minor pursuant to § 13-3019
  • Child sex trafficking pursuant to § 13-3212
  • Incest pursuant to § 13-3608
  • Unlawful mutilation pursuant to § 13-1214

Privileged Communications
Citation: Rev. Stat. § 13-3620

Only the attorney-client and the clergy-penitent privileges are recognized. 

Inclusion of the Reporter's Name in the Report
Citation: Rev. Stat. § 8-455

A report made to the child abuse hotline that is maintained by the department must include the name and address or contact information for the person making the report. 

Disclosure of the Reporter's Identity
Citation: Rev. Stat. § 8-807

Before it releases records pertaining to child maltreatment investigations, the department shall take whatever precautions it determines are reasonably necessary to protect the identity and safety of a person who reports child abuse or neglect.