Links to State and Tribal Child Welfare Law and Policy - New Hampshire

Date: May 2021


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  • Adoption: title XII, chapter 170-B
  • Child protection: title XII, chapter 169-C
  • Child welfare: title XII, chapters 169-C (§§ 169-C:19 through 169-C:28), 170-A, 170-C, 170-G
  • Guardianship: title XII, chapter 169-C (§ 169-C:3); title XLIV, chapter 463
  • Youth services: title XII, chapter 170E (§ 170-E: 25); title XV, chapter 187-A (§ 187-A:20-b)
  • Indian child welfare: title I, chapter 12-A (§ 12-A:14-a); title XVIII, chapter 458-A (§ 458-A:3)


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