Intestate Inheritance Rights for Adopted Children - Nevada

Date: February 2016

Birth Parents in Relation to Adopted Person

Citation: Rev. Stat. § 127.160

After an adoption decree is entered, the birth parents of an adopted child shall be relieved of all parental responsibilities for such child, and they shall not exercise or have any rights over an adopted child's property. The child shall not owe his or her birth parents or their relatives any legal duty, nor shall he or she inherit from his or her birth parents or family.

The adoption of a child by his or her stepparent shall not in any way change the status of the relationship between the child and his or her birth parent who is the spouse of the petitioning stepparent.

Adoptive Parents in Relation to Adopted Person

Citation: Rev. Stat. § 127.160

By virtue of an adoption, an adopted person shall inherit from his or her adoptive parent(s) or their relatives as though he or she were the birth child of such parent(s).

If an adopted person dies intestate, the adoptive parents and their relatives shall inherit his or her estate.

Adopted Persons Who Are Not Included in a Will

Citation: Rev. Stat. § 133.170

When the child of a testator or the issue of a deceased child of a testator is omitted from the testator's will, it must be presumed that the omission was intentional. Should the court find that the omission was unintentional, the child, or the issue of the deceased child, is entitled to the same share in the estate of the testator as if the testator had died intestate.