Infant Adoption Training Initiative: Understanding Infant Adoption

People experiencing an unintended or unplanned pregnancy may experience high levels of stress and vulnerability and may seek guidance from health-care professionals. The “Understanding Infant Adoption” (UIA 6) curriculum, which was funded by a Children's Bureau discretionary grant, offers vital resources for health-care and other professionals. UIA 6 consists of six comprehensive modules to enhance professionals' capacity to provide unbiased adoption information and noncoercive referrals to expectant individuals experiencing unplanned pregnancies.

UIA 6 training can help equip health-care professionals with the skills and insights needed to provide nondirective, nonjudgmental counseling and present adoption alongside other options. When the information from this training is used by staff in hospital settings, it can help pregnant and expectant individuals make informed decisions about adoption.

The following resources, including a CapLEARN course on hospital-based adoption support services that updated and used the UIA 6 training, can help health-care and other professionals find tools and knowledge to effectively support expectant parents.