Establishment and Maintenance of Central Registries for Child Abuse or Neglect Reports - Texas

Date: May 2018


Citation: Family Code § 261.002

The Department of Protective and Regulatory Services shall establish and maintain a central registry.


Citation: Family Code § 261.002

The rules shall provide for cooperation with local child services agencies and with other States in exchanging reports. The department shall use the information obtained to perform the background checks required under § 42.056 of the Human Resources Code.


Citation: Family Code § 261.002

The registry shall maintain reported cases of child abuse or neglect.


Citation: Family Code § 261.002

The executive commissioner shall adopt rules necessary to carry out this section. The rules shall require the department to update any relevant department files to reflect an overturned finding of abuse or neglect against a person no later than the 10th business day after the date the finding is overturned in a review, hearing, or appeal.