Establishment and Maintenance of Central Registries for Child Abuse or Neglect Reports - Oregon

Date: May 2018


Citation: Rev. Stat. § 419B.030

A central registry shall be established and maintained by the Department of Human Services.


This issue is not addressed in the statutes and regulations reviewed.


Citation: Rev. Stat. § 419B.030

Local offices of the department shall report to the registry in writing when an investigation shows reasonable cause to believe that a child has been abused.


Citation: Rev. Stat. § 419B.030; Admin. Rules §§ 413-015-0440; 413-010-0750

The registry shall contain current information from reports catalogued by both the name of the child and the name of the family.

In regulation: After gathering all the information necessary to complete the child protective services (CPS) assessment, the CPS worker must determine the disposition. The CPS worker must document that determination and explain the basis for the determination in the disposition narrative section of the department's electronic information system prior to completing the CPS assessment.

When, as a result of a central office CPS founded disposition review, a decision is made to change a CPS founded disposition, the CPS program coordinator or designee will forward the necessary information to the department's Office of Information Services service desk or other appropriate organizational unit to make changes in the department's electronic information system.