Establishment and Maintenance of Central Registries for Child Abuse or Neglect Reports - Illinois

Date: May 2018


Citation: Comp. Stat. Ch. 325, § 5/7.7

There shall be a central register of all cases of suspected child abuse or neglect maintained by the Department of Children and Family Services.


Citation: Comp. Stat. Ch. 325, § 5/7.7

The register shall enable the department to:

  • Immediately identify and locate prior reports of child abuse or neglect
  • Continuously monitor the current status of all reports
  • Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of laws and programs through the development and analysis of statistical and other information


Citation: Comp. Stat. Ch. 325, §§ 5/7.7; 5/7.8; 5/7.15

The central register shall record all initial, preliminary, and final reports. The names and other identifying data and the dates and the circumstances of any persons requesting or receiving information from the central register shall be entered in the register record.

The central register may contain such other information that the department determines to be in furtherance of the purposes of this Act.


Citation: Comp. Stat. Ch. 325, §§ 5/7.7; 5/7.15

The department shall maintain in the central register:

  • A listing of unfounded reports where the subject of the unfounded report requests that the record not be expunged because the subject alleges an intentional false report was made
  • A listing of unfounded reports where the report was classified as a priority 1 or priority 2 report in accordance with the department's rules, or the report was made by a mandated reporter
  • A listing for 3 years of unfounded reports involving the death, sexual abuse, or serious physical injury of a child
  • All other unfounded reports for 12 months following the date of the final finding

If an individual is the subject of a subsequent investigation that is pending, the department shall maintain all prior unfounded reports pertaining to that individual until the pending investigation has been completed or for 12 months, whichever time period ends later.

The department may amend or remove from the central register appropriate records upon good cause shown and upon notice to the subjects of the report and the Child Protective Services Unit.