Episode 44: Prevention - Implementing Evidence-Based Programs

Date: December 2019

Public and private child welfare agencies and community-based organizations are increasingly aware of the need to focus their resources on programs that have demonstrated results. Evidence-based practices (EBPs) have identified, assessed, and implemented strategies that are supported by scientific research.

This episode is part of a series focusing on Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP) grantees. Listen as grantees share from a local community and a statewide perspective how EBPs were selected and tailored to meet the needs of the grantees’ specific constituency groups. 

The following individuals are featured in this episode:

Topics discussed include the following:

  • How grantees view EBPs when compared to other programs that also deliver positive outcomes
  • Tailoring EBPs for targeted communities, such as immigrants
  • Applying EBPs across a state's diverse regions to support each region's unique needs
  • Guidance for other grantees in selecting and implementing EBPs

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