Episode 40: Five Steps to a Stronger Child Welfare Workforce

Date: August 2019

'Five Steps to a Stronger Child Welfare Workforce' explores the key components and requirements of a five-step process developed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The process rose out of a 3-year effort to improve child protective services staff that was tested and evaluated through partnerships with Ohio’s Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services and Colorado’s Jefferson County Division of Children, Youth, and Families.

"The crisis mentality that child welfare always finds itself in is because we don’t take the time initially to solve some of these problems, so we can get out of this crisis, and I honestly can’t think of a child welfare agency I’ve been in where workforce hasn’t been a crisis."
– Tracey Field, director, Child Welfare Strategy Group, Annie E. Casey Foundation.

'Five Steps to a Stronger Child Welfare Workforce' features insight and perspective from Tracey Field, director of the Child Welfare Strategy Group at the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and explores the following topics:

  • The five steps of the process
  • Effectively partnering with human resources departments
  • Recruiting for positions before they open
  • Changing how interviews are held

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