Episode 4: Secondary Traumatic Stress

Date: January 2016

Length: 30:36 

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Secondary traumatic stress is the stress or trauma symptoms that a professional may experience as a result of working with children and families who themselves have been traumatized. It is also referred to as secondary trauma or vicarious trauma. Secondary traumatic stress can impact the quality of services caseworkers or agencies provide to the children, youth, and families they serve. 

In this podcast, 'Secondary Traumatic Stress', three veteran child welfare professionals discuss and provide examples about how to help child welfare professionals cope with secondary traumatic stress, such as the following:

  • Actions and trainings local agencies in Colorado and Michigan have taken to recognize, mitigate, and reduce secondary traumatic stress
  • Outcomes and positive impacts to service delivery that agencies have experienced by addressing secondary traumatic stress within their organizations

The podcast features interviews with the following professionals: