Episode 35: Foster Care: A Path to Reunification, Part 1

Date: March 2019

Transcript:   cwig_podcast_foster_care1_transcript.pdf   [PDF, 149 KB]

Reunification is commonly the most desired goal for families involved in the child welfare system. Many agencies are incorporating family strengthening within their foster care services as part of community collaborations or interagency partnerships. The Children’s Bureau is advancing efforts to use foster care as a support to families rather than a substitute for parents. Strengthening families whose children are in out-of-home care, supporting healthy connections between children and their families, and helping foster families work together with birth families can increase the likelihood of reunification.

'Foster Care: A Path to Reunification – Part 1' shares the work of the Center for Family Life, an organization that aims to stabilize families by providing an array of neighborhood-based family and social services in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Foster care is one of their programs, and families involved in the center’s foster care program are linked to other services to address the family’s specific needs. As a neighborhood-based organization, they also work to ensure children in foster care can continue to attend their current schools and maintain their social and family connections, where appropriate.

'Foster Care: A Path to Reunification – Part 1' features insights and perspectives from the following guests:

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