Episode 28: Family Group Decision-Making: Becoming a Family-Centered Agency

Date: August 2018

Transcript:   cwig_podcast_fgdm_family_centered_transcript.pdf   [PDF, 204 KB]

Involving families in case planning and empowering them with some degree of decision-making authority can be a shift for agencies and programs. This involves more than just changing the roles of caseworkers, and staff may require different skills to further involve parents. Additionally, determining the responsibilities of families, caseworkers, partners, and caregivers can be a challenge. To help create positive outcomes, agencies should recognize potential barriers and be ready to provide the right tools to help families and caregivers become more involved.

This episode features the lessons learned and experiences gained through the YMCA Families United Family Group Conferencing Program, a recipient of a 2015 Children's Bureau grant within the Building the Evidence for Family Group Decision-Making in Child Welfare discretionary grant cluster.

Topics addressed during the conversation include the following:

  • Findings from the Families United project about the type of families most likely to respond to and stay committed to family group decision-making (FGDM)
  • The skills and capabilities family group coordinators should have to best support families
  • What it means to be a fully family-centered agency
  • The conditions in place within the YMCA of San Diego County that enabled full implementation of the FGDM model

This episode, 'Becoming a Family-Centered Agency', features insights and perspectives from the following guests:

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