Episode 25: Prevention: Delivering Services Through Education

Date: May 2018

Transcript:   cwig_podcast_prevention3_transcript.pdf   [PDF, 165 KB]

"Come to the table willing to partner . . . it's what's best for the families we serve." —Larry Klinger, Allegheny Intermediate Unit

Community-based child abuse and neglect prevention efforts often offer resources and supports to strengthen and stabilize families. In some states, these efforts are not managed through the child welfare system. 'Prevention: Delivering Services Through Education' presents how the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services manages its network of Family Support Centers through its Office of Child Development and Early Learning.

This episode addresses the following topics:

  • The state bringing together rural and urban support centers to share best practices
  • Allegheny County—home to more than 1.2 million people—integrating services across a group of Family Support Centers through the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, a regional service agency that offers a variety of educational services to school districts and the public
  • A rural Family Support Center providing services and sustaining local partners

This episode, 'Prevention: Delivering Services Through Education', features insights and perspectives from the following guests:

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