Episode 24: Workforce Part 4 - Creating Change at the Local Level

Date: April 2018

Transcript:   cwig_podcast_workforce4_transcript.pdf   [PDF, 142 KB]

The decision to embrace a system-wide workforce development approach may come from agency leaders, but sometimes the best ideas to deliver and sustain change can come from staff directly serving on the frontlines of child welfare. 'Workforce Part 4 – Creating Change at the Local Level' shares how frontline child welfare professionals were empowered their staff to design solutions that improved office culture, partnerships, and outcomes for the children and families they serve.

A group of local agencies in the state of Indiana and in San Francisco County, California, are two of the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute’s (NCWWI) Workforce Excellence Sites. The jurisdictions partner with NCWWI to identify change initiatives to address workforce issues by conducting organizational assessments, creating design teams to develop solutions, and engaging supervisors and middle managers in NCWWI’s leadership academies.

This podcast is part of Child Welfare Information Gateway’s Workforce podcast series and contains a conversation with the following:

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