Episode 18: Child Welfare Then and Now

Date: December 2017

Transcript:   cwig_podcast_cw_then_now_transcript.pdf   [PDF, 147 KB]

With shifts in practice, an influx of technology and new communication methods, and high staff turnover, the child welfare field has experienced tremendous change during the last 30 years. But during that time, what are the biggest lessons learned by agencies and professionals? 

Child Welfare Information Gateway's podcast, "Child Welfare Then and Now," shares the perspective from a child welfare veteran with nearly three-decades serving children and families. Listen to what's changed--and what's remained consistent--as the discussion features the following topics: 

  • Meeting families "where they are" and letting them establish what success looks like
  • How Georgia is collaborating with partners and other agencies as part of a "Blueprint for Change"
  • How technology has impacted the field
  • The skills today’s younger professionals are bringing to the field
  • Guidance and advice on managing and supervising staff and teams

This podcast features insight and perspective from the following guest:

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