Episode 14: Diligent Recruitment - Intelligent Recruitment

Date: August 2017

The greater use of demographic, geographic and psychographic data is enabling companies and organizations learn more about who is, and who isn't, likely to support a product or idea. This information helps product designers, sales teams, political campaigns and advertising agencies recognize their target audience. The concept is if more time and energy is spent on a group's target audience and less on those unreceptive to their product or service, the group will see a greater return on their investment.

This concept is now being applied to child welfare. As part of the Children's Bureau's Diligent Recruitment discretionary grant cluster, certain Florida judicial districts engaged a nationally recognized marketing and advertising agency to identify their target audience - the ideal family suited and willing to be foster parents. The Florida Intelligent Recruitment Program also unveiled specific marketing approaches unique to each jurisdiction, and provided guidance for agencies to improve their messaging and outreach efforts.

This podcast provides listeners greater detail into how the community-based care agencies, state agencies, and professional marketing teams partnered together. The conversation includes the approach to gathering target audience data, how agencies were provided marketing and outreach plans unique to their region, and a comparison of how the intelligent marketing approach has impacted the number of foster families.

'Diligent Recruitment - Intelligent Recruitment' features the following individuals:

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