Educational Supports for Youth in Foster Care - Wyoming

Date: April 2020

Support for Completing High School

Citation: DFS Pol. Man. # 3.4.1

From the Department of Family Services (DFS) policy manual: Chafee-funded services include assistance in obtaining a high school diploma and career exploration.

Planning for Postsecondary Education

This issue is not addressed in the statutes and regulations reviewed.

Eligibility Requirements

Citation: DFS Pol. Man. # 3.4.1

Youth are eligible for federally funded Education and Training Vouchers (ETVs) if the following apply:

  • The youth meets one of the following criteria:
    • He or she was in foster care for 12 months after his or her 14th birthday.
    • He or she was adopted or placed in guardianship from foster care on or after his or her 14th birthday.
    • He or she left care after his or her 18th birthday.
  • The youth has a high school diploma or general educational development diploma.
  • The youth attends at least half-time an accredited school that meets the following criteria:
    • It awards a bachelor's degree or no less than a 2-year program that provides credit toward a degree.
    • It provides no less than 1 year of training toward gainful employment.
    • It is a vocational program that provides training for gainful employment.

The youth must maintain a 2.0 grade-point average (GPA) or better to continue receiving ETV funds. Awards after the first semester will be based on the student's GPA.

Eligibility ends at age 23 and only if the youth has received ETV funds prior to his or her 21st birthday and received passing grades.

Financial Supports for Postsecondary Programs

Citation: DFS Pol. Man. # 3.4.1

A youth may apply for ETV funds through the independent-living provider located in his or her district or the DFS State office program manager. Eligible youth may receive up to $5,000 per school year to cover unmet educational needs. If the youth is in DFS custody at the time of application, the DFS caseworker shall review and sign the ETV application.