Educational Supports for Youth in Foster Care - Delaware

Date: April 2020

Support for Completing High School

Citation: DFS User Man. #6, E-6

Youth in out-of-home care under the supervision of the Division of Family Services (DFS) shall participate in educational and/or vocational training, such as traditional high school, diploma program, or general educational development (GED) program.

Planning for Postsecondary Education

Citation: DFS User Man. #6, E-6

If applicable, postsecondary education and academic supports may be provided.

Eligibility Requirements

Citation: DFS User Man. #6, E-8, H-2

Youth formerly in foster care may be eligible to participate in the independent-living (IL) aftercare program if the youth meets the following requirements:

  • The youth exited foster care after his or her 18th birthday but has not reached age 21.
  • The youth accepts personal responsibility for achieving self-sufficiency.
  • The youth has demonstrated an ability to manage money.
  • The youth sustains employment if enrolled in an educational program as a part-time student.
  • The youth needs continued help in transitioning to self-sufficiency.
  • The youth can contribute to the cost of the IL aftercare program through either of the following:
    • Earned income from employment
    • Unearned income from scholarships, stipends, grants, work-study arrangements, supplemental security income, or any combination of these resources

Financial Supports for Postsecondary Programs

Citation: DFS User Man. #6, E-8, E-9

Youth who age out of foster care or meet other eligibility criteria for aftercare services shall have the opportunity to participate in the Education and Training Voucher (ETV) program to help them receive the education, training, and services necessary to obtain employment; funds shall not exceed $5,000 per youth, per year, when available.

Applications for ETV funds shall be submitted to the designated contact for review and approval. Applications shall be completed by the IL provider, if IL services are contracted out, and by the DFS primary case manager if not.