Educational Supports for Youth in Foster Care - Arkansas

Date: April 2020

Support for Completing High School

Citation: Admin. Code 016 15 CARR 011, Pol. VIII-A

Each youth in the custody of the Department of Human Services (DHS) who is age 14 or older is eligible for services provided by the John H. Chafee Program for Successful Transition to Adulthood program (Chafee program). All Chafee services are voluntary. Services focus primarily on education and training and are intended to keep youth in school while they obtain life skills and participate in other life preparation activities and plans to promote a successful transition to adulthood.

Planning for Postsecondary Education

Citation: Ann. Code § 9-28-114

A child in foster care who is approaching the age of majority shall be provided the opportunity to be actively engaged in the planning of his or her future. DHS shall assist the juvenile with applying for admission to a college or university, to a vocational training program, or to another educational institution and in obtaining financial aid, when appropriate.

Eligibility Requirements

Citation: Admin. Code 016 15 CARR 011, Pol. VIII-A

The services described in this policy are provided to youth in foster care who are age 14 or older.

Financial Supports for Postsecondary Programs

Citation: Admin. Code 016 15 CARR 011, Pol. VIII-A

The Chafee program also provides support for youth whose adoption or guardianship is finalized at age 16 or after. Such youth are eligible for an Education and Training Voucher (ETV) program and may attend youth development activities and life skills classes.