Determining the Best Interests of the Child - South Carolina


Citation: Ann. Code § 63-1-20(D) 

For children in need of services, care, and guidance, the State shall secure those services as are needed to serve the emotional, mental, and physical welfare of children and the best interests of the community, preferably in their homes or the least restrictive environment possible. When children must be placed in care away from their homes, the State shall insure that they are protected against any harmful effects resulting from the temporary or permanent inability of parents to provide care and protection for their children. It is the policy of the State to reunite the child with his or her family in a timely manner, whether or not the child has been placed in the care of the State voluntarily. When children must be permanently removed from their homes, they shall be placed in adoptive homes so that they may become members of a family by legal adoption or, absent that possibility, other permanent settings. 

Citation: Ann. Code § 63-1-30 

This article shall be liberally construed to the end that families whose unity or well-being is threatened shall be assisted, protected, and restored, if possible, as secure units of law-abiding members, and that each child coming within the jurisdiction of the court shall receive, preferably in his or her own home, the care, guidance, and control that is conducive to his or her welfare and best interests of the State, and that when he or she is removed from the control of his or her parents, the court shall secure for him or her care as nearly as possible equivalent to that which they should have given him or her.