Cross-Reporting Among Agencies That Respond to Child Abuse and Neglect - New Hampshire

Date: February 2021

Cross-Reporting Between Child Protective Services and Law Enforcement

Citation: Rev. Stat. §§ 169-C:38 (I)-(II); 169-C:38-a

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) immediately shall refer, by telephone or in person, to the local law enforcement agency in the community in which the acts of abuse are believed to have occurred all cases in which there is reason to believe that any person under age 18 has been sexually molested, sexually exploited, intentionally physically injured so as to cause serious bodily injury, physically injured by other than accidental means so as to cause serious bodily injury, and/or is a victim of a crime. DHHS also shall make a written report to the law enforcement agency within 48 hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. A copy of this report shall be sent to the office of the county attorney.

All law enforcement personnel and DHHS employees shall cooperate in limiting the number of interviews of a child victim and, when appropriate, shall conduct joint interviews of the child. DHHS employees shall share all information in their possession that is lawful for them to disclose to a law enforcement agency with the investigating police officers. Investigating police officers shall not use or reveal any confidential information shared with them by DHHS except to the extent necessary for the investigation and prosecution of the case.

DHHS and the Department of Justice shall develop jointly a standardized protocol for the interviewing of victims and the investigation and assessment of cases of child abuse and neglect. The protocol shall seek to minimize the impact on the victim. The protocol also shall be designed to protect the rights of all parties affected. The protocol shall address specifically the need to establish safe and appropriate places for interviewing children.

Other Reporting Requirements

Citation: DCYF Pol. Man. § 1175

The Division for Children, Youth and Families child protective service worker who is assigned to conduct an assessment must notify the Department of Education when an assessment is received involving public or private teachers/personnel and the reported incident is alleged to have occurred in the school or during school activities.