Cross-Reporting Among Agencies That Respond to Child Abuse and Neglect - Missouri

Date: February 2021

Cross-Reporting Between Child Protective Services and Law Enforcement

Citation: Ann. Stat. § 210.145(7), (8), (13)

The local office shall contact the appropriate law enforcement agency immediately upon receipt of a report that division personnel determine merits an investigation and provide such agency with a detailed description of the report received. In such cases, the local division office shall request the assistance of the local law enforcement agency in all aspects of the investigation of the complaint. The appropriate law enforcement agency shall either assist the division in the investigation or provide the division, within 24 hours, an explanation in writing detailing the reasons why it is unable to assist.

The local office of the division shall cause an investigation or family assessment and services approach to be initiated in accordance with the protocols established in § 210.145(2), except in cases where the sole basis for the report is educational neglect. If the report indicates the child is in danger of serious physical harm or threat to life, an investigation shall include direct observation of the subject child within 24 hours of the receipt of the report. Local law enforcement shall take all necessary steps to facilitate such direct observation.

Multidisciplinary teams shall be used whenever conducting the investigation as determined by the division in conjunction with local law enforcement. Multidisciplinary teams shall be used in providing protective or preventive social services, including the services of law enforcement, a liaison of the local public school, the juvenile officer, the juvenile court, and other agencies, both public and private.

Other Reporting Requirements

Citation: Ann. Stat. § 210.109

In implementing the child protection system, the Children's Division, upon receipt of a report, shall attempt to ascertain whether the suspected perpetrator or any person responsible for the care, custody, and control of the subject child is a member of any branch of the military, as defined under § 40.005, or is a member of the armed forces, as defined in § 41.030.