Court Jurisdiction and Venue for Adoption Petitions - Alaska

Date: January 2022


Citation: Alaska Stat. § 25.23.030

Proceedings for adoption shall be brought in the superior court.


Citation: Alaska Stat.§ 25.23.030

Venue is in the county where the adopted person resides, the petitioner resides or is in military service, or the agency having custody is located.

The court may transfer, stay, or dismiss the adoption proceeding if it is in the interest of substantial justice that the case be heard in another judicial district.

The venue for an adoption proceeding for a child in State custody under chapter 47.10 is the superior court where the child-in-need-of-aid proceeding is pending, as provided under § 47.10.111, or the judicial district in which the petitioner resides, if the petitioner provides notice to all the parties to the child-in-need-of-aid proceeding and no party objects.