Concurrent Planning for Timely Permanency for Children - Louisiana

Date: August 2021

Defining Concurrent Planning

Citation: Children's Code Ann. Art. 603(10)

'Concurrent planning' means departmental efforts to preserve and reunify a family or to place a child for adoption or with a legal guardian, which are made simultaneously.

State Approaches to Concurrent Planning

Citation: Children's Code Ann. Art. 615(C)

In addition to investigation or assessment of reports, or both, the local child protection family services unit may offer available information, referrals, or services to the family when there appears to be some need for medical, mental health, social, basic support, supervision, or other services. Assignments for case response and allocation of resources shall be made in the order of children at greatest risk of harm to the lowest risk of harm. The individualized intervention strategies based on this risk assessment may include concurrent planning.