Concurrent Planning for Timely Permanency for Children - Colorado

Date: August 2021

Defining Concurrent Planning

Citation: Code of Regs. 12 CCR 2509-1

'Concurrent planning' means the simultaneous preparation of plans to do the following:

  • Assist the child's parents or caregivers in completing a treatment plan that, when completed successfully, will allow the child to return home safely
  • Place the child in a setting that will become the child's permanent home if the parents or caregivers are unable to successfully complete their treatment plan

State Approaches to Concurrent Planning

Citation: Rev. Stat. §§ 19-3-508(7); 19-3-312(5)

Efforts to place a child for adoption or with a legal guardian or custodian, including identifying appropriate in-State and out-of-State permanent placement options, may be made concurrently with reasonable efforts to preserve and reunify the family.

If a petition is filed alleging that a child is neglected or dependent, the county department shall engage in concurrent planning to expedite the permanency-planning process for the child who is the subject of such petition.