Concurrent Planning for Timely Permanency for Children - Alabama

Date: August 2021

Defining Concurrent Planning

Citation: Admin. Code r. 660-5-47-.02

Concurrent planning is a case-management method that emphasizes candor, goal setting, and completion of selected activities within specified time limits in work with children and families in order to facilitate a more timely achievement of permanence and stability. This method encourages all individualized service plan (ISP) team members to achieve the most desirable permanency goal while, at the same time, establishing and pursuing an alternate permanency goal. Such planning should occur from the time of initial engagement with a family rather than sequentially thereafter.

State Approaches to Concurrent Planning

Citation: Ala. Code § 12-15-315; Admin. Code r. 660-5-47-.04

Permanency plans may be concurrent, and the Department of Human Resources may make reasonable efforts concurrently toward multiple permanency goals.

In regulation: ISPs shall be designed to achieve timely permanence and stability in children's living situations, and this requires appropriate and quality service planning and delivery from the beginning of work with children and their families. An early decision about the need for concurrent planning shall be made and reviewed at each ISP meeting.