Case Planning for Families Involved With Child Welfare Agencies - South Dakota

Date: April 2018

When Case Plans Are Required

Citation: Admin. Code §§ 67:42:09:17; 67:42:01:01

A case plan is to be developed within 30 days after the child's placement in foster care. A 'case plan' is a written plan that explains the client's social, psychological, medical, or economic problems; contains solutions to the problems; and describes the necessary steps and schedule to resolve the problems.

Who May Participate in the Case Planning Process

Citation: Admin. Code §§ 67:42:09:17; 67:42:01:01

The agency shall develop the service plan. The case plan is written in cooperation with a client.

Contents of a Case Plan

Citation: Admin. Code § 67:42:09:17

The plan shall include the following:

  • A statement of where the child is being placed and assurances that this placement is the least restrictive setting available for the child
  • A statement regarding the necessity of the foster care placement
  • A description of the services that are to be provided to the child and the child's family to facilitate a permanent plan for the child
  • Projected dates for attaining the established goals

The plan shall provide for the following:

  • Continuing casework services to the child's parents and to the child to prepare them for the child's eventual return or to prepare them for other permanent plans being made for the child
  • Continuing casework services to the child and the child's foster parents, as indicated in the child's case plan
  • A plan for the child's social worker to visit the child and the child's foster parents at least once a month
  • Continuing contacts between the child's parents and their children, unless parental rights have been terminated or either the court that has jurisdiction over the child or the child-placing agency that has been assigned care, custody, and control of the child has determined that the contacts would be detrimental to the child's welfare
  • Regular educational instruction for children of school age
  • Closure of the case after a permanent plan has been established and services are no longer required