Case Planning for Families Involved With Child Welfare Agencies - Hawaii

Date: April 2018

When Case Plans Are Required

Citation: Rev. Stat. § 587A-27

A service plan is a specific written plan prepared by an authorized agency and child's family.

After each term and condition of the service plan has been thoroughly explained to and is understood by each member of the child's family whom the appropriate authorized agency deems to be necessary to the success of the service plan, the service plan shall be agreed to and signed by each family member.

A copy of the service plan shall be provided to each family member who signed the service plan.

Who May Participate in the Case Planning Process

Citation: Rev. Stat. § 587A-27

The plan will be prepared by the following:

  • An authorized agency
  • Members of the child's family who have legal custody, guardianship, or permanent custody of the child at the time that the service plan is being formulated or revised

Contents of a Case Plan

Citation: Rev. Stat. § 587A-27

The service plan shall include the following:

  • The specific steps necessary to facilitate the return of the child to a safe family home if the proposed placement of the child is in foster care
  • Treatment and services that will be provided, actions completed, specific measurable and behavioral changes that must be achieved, and responsibilities assumed
  • Whether an ohana conference will be conducted for family finding and family group decision-making
  • The respective responsibilities of the child, the parents, legal guardian or custodian, the department, other family members, and treatment providers
  • A description and expected outcomes of the services required to achieve the permanency goal
  • The required frequency and types of contact between the social worker, child, and family
  • The timeframes for providing services, completing actions, and discharging responsibilities
  • Notice to the parents that their failure to substantially achieve the objectives of the service plan within the timeframes established may result in termination of their parental rights
  • Notice to the parents that if the child has been in foster care for a total of 15 out of the most recent 22 months from the child's date of entry into foster care, the department is required to file a motion to set a termination of parental rights hearing, and the parents' failure to provide a safe family home within 2 years from the date when the child was first placed under foster custody may result in the parents' parental rights being terminated
  • Any other terms and conditions that the court or the authorized agency deem necessary to the success of the service plan