Case Planning for Families Involved With Child Welfare Agencies - Alabama

Date: April 2018

When Case Plans Are Required

Citation: Admin. Code r. 660-5-28-.06

A written case plan must be developed for the child within 30 days from the time of placement. For children in foster care or related care less than 30 days, this case plan requirement is waived. A brief case plan statement will suffice.

Who May Participate in the Case Planning Process

Citation: Admin. Code r. 660-5-28-.06

The parents or other relatives and the child, if of appropriate age, may participate in the development of the plan.

Contents of a Case Plan

Citation: Admin. Code r. 660-5-28-.06

The case plan must include the following:

  • A description of the type of home or child care facility in which the child is to be, or has been, placed
  • Justification of the appropriateness of the placement as to whether it is:
    • In the least restrictive, familylike setting available, with relative placement to be given first consideration, after which foster family care, group home care, and institutional care are to be considered, in that order
    • In close proximity to the parent's or family home
    • Consistent with the best interests and special needs of the child
  • An analysis of the circumstances that necessitate the child's placement, together with a statement of:
    • What efforts were made and what services were provided to prevent the child's placement
    • What conditions in the child's own home need improving before the child can be returned
    • What services are to be provided to improve these conditions
  • A statement of the plan for ensuring that the child receives proper care while in placement that encompasses:
    • Placement in a licensed facility or approved home, together with appropriate supervision
    • Services to the providers to facilitate and support the child's adjustment in placement
    • Services to the child to address his or her needs and a discussion of the appropriateness of the services provided
    • A statement of the transitional independent living plan based upon an assessment of the needs of each child age 16 or older
  • A statement of the child's permanent plan, developed in conjunction with the child's family and the child, as appropriate
  • A description of the extent to which the parents or other relatives and, if of appropriate age, the child participated in the development of the permanent plan for the child
  • A statement of the requirements of the court or the recommendations of the administrative review panel in connection with the required 6-month case review and how the department will meet those requirements and recommendations
  • An estimated date by which a decision will be made to return the child to the parents or seek an alternative permanent placement
  • A summary of what efforts will be or have been made and what services will be or have been provided to reunite the child with his or her family
  • The health and education records of the child, to the extent available and accessible