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These videos provide an inside look into the lives of real youth and families. Their stories document the rewards and challenges of adoption and parenting teenagers, but, most importantly, they highlight the importance and value of hearing directly from youth. Share these videos with families who are exploring adoption or with teens in foster care who may benefit from hearing about the experiences of other teens.


Video of Yves sharing his adoption experience    Adopted at 17: Yves Share his Experience
    Video Length: 04:18    
    MN Adopt (2014)


Video of an adoptive mother sharing her adoption experience    Adoptive Mother: “I WANTED to Adopt a Teenager”
    Video Length: 02:39    
    AdoptUSKids (2018)


Video of an older teen sharing her adoption experience    Authentic Voices Video Series: Sharing Our Perspective
    Multiple Videos
    Capacity Building Center for States

Video of Jameelah sharing her adoption experience    Hear Jameelah’s Story
    Video Length: 04:50 
    Arms of Love Foster Care & Arizona Department of Child Safety

Video of Kobylinski sharing their adoption experience    Kobylinski Family
    Video Length: 03:25 
    Colorado Department of Human Services

Video of a family sharing their adoption experience    A Michigan Adoption Story
    Video Length: 07:28 
    Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) (2016)


Video of a family sharing their adoption experience    A Story of Adoption - You Gotta Believe
    Video Length: 07:01 
    You Gotta Believe (2013)


Video of youth sharing their adoption experiences    Youth Voices: Life After Foster Care
    Video Length: 06:42 
    Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (2014)


Video of the Morlan family sharing their adoption experience    The Morlan Family: Our Teenage Adoption Story
    Video Length: 10:33 
    Beauty Amidst the Ashes (2016)

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