Show Your Support

Use your social networks to help raise awareness by sharing these sample messages to promote National Adoption Month in November and all year long. 

  • Help raise awareness during National Adoption Month. Follow @childwelfaregov and #NationalAdoptionMonth to share resources and tools that can help youth on their path to permanency.
  • November is National Adoption Month. Learn more about how small steps can help build relationships with youth and open doors to opportunities that once seemed impossible. #NationalAdoptionMonth
  • By taking advantage of every opportunity to engage youth in meaningful ways, you have the potential to open doors that had once seemed impossible.#NationalAdoptionMonth
  • Small steps can make all the difference for the thousands of youth in foster care. Help open doors for youth on their path to permanency. #NationalAdoptionMonth
  • Everyone has a role to play in helping youth achieve their permanency goals. Take small steps and open the doors for youth during #NationalAdoptionMonth.
  • Kids look up to their caseworker. They look to them as the one person who will believe in them.”—Adopted youth. Spread awareness about the steps to take to open doors for youth on their path to permanency. #NationalAdoptionMonth
  • #NationalAdoptionMonth raises awareness about teen adoption. Follow @childwelfaregov to find resources and tools that will help you learn more.
  • Be a champion for youth! Find resources and tools on the #NationalAdoptionMonth website that will help engage youth in conversations about permanency and build on their strengths and interests.