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Email Signatures and Messages

Share this year's National Adoption Month initiative with the people in your network through email, blog posts, or newsletters. Use these sample messages or tailor your own to share all the valuable resources available to support adoptive families, youth, and professionals.

Email signatures

You can raise awareness every time you send an email with these National Adoption Month messages. Choose one to add to your email signature during the month of November and throughout the year.

November is National Adoption Month. Visit the website today!

Strengthen child welfare practice with insights from teenagers. Learn more

Elevate Youth Voices, Strengthen Child Welfare Practices.

“Forever Homes” for Teens—Watch & Share!

“It’s like a whole new world to me.” Share stories of teen adoption to raise awareness this November. #NAM2018

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Sample email messages

Message #1: National Adoption Month Announcement
Audience: General/Families

Subject: November is National Adoption Month!

Thousands of older teens in foster care are waiting for adoption across the United States. Their experience in foster care reflects great diversity, and their paths to adulthood are varied. Some find permanency through adoption or guardianship, while others age out of the system. Regardless of their path, they all have an important story to share, and their insights can inspire their peers and inform professionals on the unique challenges and opportunities that face older youth.

This November, National Adoption Month emphasizes the importance of elevating youth voices and how to use their powerful insights to help shape the future of child welfare and adoption practice. Learn more on the National Adoption Month website.

There are tips and tools to guide professionals and youth on ways to empower teen voices:

Stay connected throughout the month to help educate your community and raise awareness by following on Facebook and Twitter. #NAM2018

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Message #2: Highlight Resources from National Adoption Month Website
Audience: Professionals

Subject: New Resources from National Adoption Month to Support Older Youth

November is National Adoption Month, and this year’s theme focuses on elevating youth voices.

When teenagers with experience in foster care share their stories—whether they reunified with family, entered adulthood independently, or were adopted—their powerful insights can strengthen child welfare and adoption practices. Developing a youth advisory board, for example, can lead to important feedback and influence positive changes. Training youth in public speaking and how to share their story effectively builds their leadership and communications skills and support recruitment strategies.

Learn how professionals can enable teens to share their perspectives in meaningful ways by visiting the National Adoption Month website today.

In the For Youth section, teenagers can discover ways to develop their voice and confidence as they prepare for adulthood. Joining peer networks or foster care alumni chapters can provide ongoing, mentoring relationships and deepen connections within communities. Find links to existing local opportunities as well as a video gallery featuring the inspiring stories of other teens and families.

National Adoption Month is sponsored by the Children’s Bureau, in partnership with Child Welfare Information Gateway and AdoptUSKids. Help spread the word about the unique challenges and opportunities facing older youth waiting for adoption during the month of November and throughout the year, and stay connected on Facebook and Twitter. #NAM2018

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