Sample Email Signatures and Messages

Email is a primary method of communication for many professionals, organizations, and community groups. The tools below can help you quickly and easily promote National Adoption Month and create awareness among your partners, networks, subscribers, and contact lists. 

Email signatures

Update your email signature to bring attention to National Adoption Month. The signatures below can be copied into your current email signature and directly connect those who receive your emails to the tools and resources available on the National Adoption Month website.

November is National Adoption Month.

Watch and listen to stories of older youth finding "forever families" after foster care.

Find easy tips for talking with older youth about adoption.

We Never Outgrow the Need for Family—Just Ask Us

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Email signature graphic

Along with the text above, draw attention to National Adoption Month by adding a graphic to your email signature. To download the graphic, right-click on one of the image below and select "Save Picture As."

The 2016 National Adoption Month Graphic of 4 older youth outside

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Sample email messages

Sample #1

Subject: National Adoption Month 2016: Supporting Older Youth Adoption

There are thousands of older youth currently in foster care waiting for adoption. Many of these youths are less likely to find permanent homes and will age out of the foster care system to face independence without any secure, lifelong connections.

November is National Adoption Month, an initiative sponsored by the Children's Bureau in partnership with Child Welfare Information Gateway and AdoptUSKids. This year, we are focusing on providing information and tools to increase adoption among older youth currently in foster care. The National Adoption Month website provides powerful stories to share, along with resources and tools for families considering adoption, information for older youth on the importance—legally and emotionally—of permanent families, and tips for professionals on how to engage youth and talk about the importance of family.

Visit the National Adoption Month website for outreach tools to spread the word, and bookmark the site to access it all year long.


Sample #2

Subject: Older Adoption: The Value of a Lifelong Connection

For all children and youth, having permanent, loving adult connections are critical to lifelong development, achievement, and well-being. Although older youth in foster care may not see the value, or even the possibility, of adoption, finding a forever family for older youth is possible.

The Children's Bureau, in partnership with AdoptUSKids and Child Welfare Information Gateway, supports National Adoption Month. This year, we are focusing on supporting the thousands of older youth who face aging out of foster care seek and find lifelong connections. Part of this effort includes supporting the professionals working to make these connections possible. The National Adoption Month website features tools and resources for professionals. Visit the website to:

Visit and share the National Adoption Month website and bookmark it for use all year long.

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