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The media provide an important channel for getting the message out about preventing child maltreatment and promoting well-being. There are several media strategies to help your organization or community partnerships spread the word about events, reach potential supporters, and build connections among stakeholders.

Traditional media and social media have different strengths and uses. Understanding the different channels and developing a thoughtful, comprehensive media strategy are important steps that can support the goal of preventing child maltreatment and enhancing child well-being in your community. Rather than choosing to focus energy and resources on either traditional or social media, successful organizations and campaigns use both formats to connect with stakeholders and further their message. 

Reach out to traditional media when your goal is to ...

  • Get the word out
  • Publicize an event to a large, general audience
  • Tell your story in more detail

Engage social media channels when your goal is to ...

  • Engage in dialogue, get feedback
  • Reach a more targeted, specific group
  • Send out brief alerts that prompt stakeholders to take immediate action



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