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Tip Sheets

Tip sheets are designed for service providers to distribute to parents and caregivers in the context of a particular concern or question. The tip sheets are not intended to tell the whole story; they merely provide a starting point for a discussion between parent and provider that is grounded in the protective factors. The information is easy to read and focuses on concrete steps that parents can take to strengthen their family. We encourage you to make additional copies of those resources that are most useful to the families with whom you work.


Finding Affordable Housing Tip SheetFinding Housing Help for Your Family

Directs families to valuable resources to understand affordable housing and other available resources.

English  (PDF - 429 KB)   

Spanish  (PDF - 403 KB)


Making a Family Emergency Preparedness Plan Tip Sheet

Preparing Your Family for an Emergency

Outlines the components of a family emergency preparedness plan for various types of disasters.

English  (PDF - 398 KB)   

Spanish  (PDF - 429 KB)